Welcome to Brc Presents Definition Mixtape Still Smoking X Rapping Hosted By Mainetain Of New Skool Enk by Brc

Track list

01.Intro / Mainetain Speaks
02.Mainetain (Of NSE) - " Blast Cannons " (Produced By Rolando)
03.Mainetain (Of NSE) - " All I Do " (Produced By Kex)
04.Mainetain (Of NSE) - " All I Know (Bright Lights Freestyle) (Produced By Kex) "
05.Yukmouth (Interlude)
06.Mainetain (Of NSE) Feat. LIVE & Swisher B Rhythms - " Different State " (Produced by SBR)
07.Mainetain (Of NSE) Feat. C Plus & Sean Lamarr of DLRN -
" You Wit it "
08.Mainetain (Of NSE) - " Fresh As I Wanna Be "
09.Mainetain (Of NSE) Feat. C Plus - " Crooklamento "
10.Brc Feat. Mainetain,Verbal E-Bent ,4Play Mook,Dean Lean &
Ray Guevara - " Headbanger Cypher (Cali Remix) "
11.Mainetain (Of NSE) Feat. Corlito Spitz of New Skool Enk & J-LaVoe - " Crowd Mover " (Produced By Nicatyne of F.H.O.D)
12.Mainetain (Of NSE) - " Raw Blow " (Produced By Domino Dent)
13.Outro / Mainetain Speaks
14.Smokes & HiGHRiSK.One - " Down For Whatever " (Produced By Black Light)
15.Kokane (Interlude)
16.Lo$ , HiGHRiSK.One , Fantum - " Keep It G " (Produced By L.X & Lo$)
17.Aro Sanchez Feat. Judiny & Alex Fatt - " Tu No Te Busca Na " (Produced By Gezin)
18.JT Da Kidd - " Joel Johnston " (Produced By Gezin)
19.Brandon Bucks - " Gotta Go " (Produced By Gezin)
20.Got Damn Feat.Yung H - " Don't Know " (Produced By Got Damn)
21.Triple Seis Feat.Killrus & Opera Steve - " Champion " (Produced By Dan Montoya)
22.All Angels - " Loco " (Produced By Jon One)
23.All Angels Feat.Detane - " Just One Day " (Produced By Kid Nice)
24.HiGHRiSK.One - " Rebel Floetry " (Produced By Veki)

Welcome to Brc Presents Definition Mixtape Still Smoking X Rapping Hosted By Mainetain Of New Skool Enk

by Brc

Still Smoking X Rapping Mixtape presented by Brc is officially released on September 1st (2012.) The mixtape is hosted by Sacramento underground king Mainetain of New Skool Enk.It contains 24 fresh hip hop songs bringing westcoast, eastcoast, southern hip hop along with production from east to the west, all the way to Zagreb, Croatia the hometown of Brc and Shpaolin-Malechico Rap movement. Still Smoking X Rapping features & supported by artists like Mainetain, Kokane, Yukmouth, Ray Guevara, Triple Seis, Los, HiGHRiSk One, Fantum , Aro Sanchez, All Angels and many more..1L

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