Welcome to Kaiso Kaiso - Back In Times Calypso Mix by DJ Kaotic International

Track list

Calypso Music David Rudder
French Man - Taxi
Meh Lover Nelson
Gee Me The Ting Kitchener
Bacchanal Lady David Rudder
Big Short Party Trinidad Rio
Party Time Baron
Rock me Rock me Rootsman
Bahia Girl David Rudder
Ah Fraid Pussy Bite Meh Sparrow
Groove Master Arrow
Roti and Talcurry Baron
Nah Leaving Denyse Plummer
Mash It Up Jayson
Soca Lambada Byron Lee and The Dragonaires
Ah Cyah Wine De Lamo
Dollar Wine Taxi
Happy Shandileer Ft Ronnie Mcintosh
Spring Garden On Fire Ras Iley
Government Roots Tambu Bamboo Herbert
Doh Back Back The Mighty Sparrow
Teaser Beckett
Say, Say [Baby My Soul On Fire] Jerry James
Gimme More Crazy
Nani Wine Crazy
If Yuh Gun Up Rukshun
If Yuh Rude Devon George
Cloths I Feeling To Rock Tonight Plain Cloths
Disco Daddy Lord Nelson

Welcome to Kaiso Kaiso - Back In Times Calypso Mix

by DJ Kaotic International

DJ Kaotic International & Carib101.com Presents Kaiso Kaiso Back In Times Calypso Mix Mixed LIVE with DJ Kaotic (Trinidad)

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