Track list

2)Come Into My Room - Mavado & Stacious
3)(Smoke Machine Riddim)Yuh Love - Vybz Kartel
4)Ducati Riddim)Neva Get A Gal Mi Love So Much - Vybz Kartel
5)Gwaan Suh - Vybz Kartel
6)(Flirtation Riddim)Inna Yuh - Vybz Kartel
7)(Flirtation Riddim)Kick It Off - Andrew & Wada Blood
8)(Flirtation Riddim)Sort Out Yourself - Konshens
9)Hair Dresser Shop - Busy Signal
10)Baby Girl - Beniton The Menace
11)(Split Personality Riddim)Walk & Wine - ZJ Liquid
12)(Split Personality Riddim)1st Anniversary - Serani
13)(Split Personality Riddim)Pon Di Ting - Mavado
14)(Remedy Riddim)Grab Up Yuh Crotches - Vybz Kartel
15)(2010 Riddim)Beg U A Fuck - Vybz Kartel
16)Perfect Wining - Calado
!7)Mi beat Di Pussy Up - Vybz Kartel
18)(Mad Vibez Riddim)Foot Pon Shoulder - Vybz Kartel
19)Put It In Deh - Vybz Kartel
20)Better Can Wuk - Vybz Kartel
21)F.Y.I - Busy Signal
22)(Hold Yuh Riddim)Me Hold You - Lady Saw
23)(Hold Yuh Riddim)Hold Yuh - Gyptian Ft. Vybz Kartel
24)(Hold Yuh Riddim)You & I[Dub] - Ricky Blaze
25)(Go Go Club Riddim)Bike Back - Blak Ryno
26)(Go Go Club Riddim)Go Go Club - Vybz Kartel
27)(S Class Riddim)Mi Yard - Merital
28)(S Class Riddim)Tek Off - Popcaan
29)(S Class Riddim)Gimme D Benz Punany - Vybz Kartel
30)(Smokin Riddim)Dumpa Truck - Vybz Kartel
31)(Smokin Riddim)Stulla - Mavado
32)(DNA Riddim)G.A.L. - Buju Banton
33)(DNA Riddim)Turn And Wine - Vybz Kartel
34)Whine - Vybz Kartel
35)(RoofTop Riddim)Turn me On[Dub] - Charly Black
36)(RoofTop Riddim)House Top - Mavado
37)(Good Tymez Riddim)Have A Good Time - Vybz Kartel
38)Get Gyal Easy(Blackberry) - Vybz Kartel
39)(Exit 21 Riddim)Get Gyal Fi Free - Vybz Kartel
40)(No Lie Riddim)Tap Tana - Vybz Kartel
41)(No Lie Riddim)No Lie - Vybz Kartel
42)(Jim Screechie Riddim)JackHammer - Aidonia
43)(Jim Screechie Riddim)Jim Screechie - Spice
44)(Tiquilla Riddim)Whisper In Ny Ears - Ice Cold & Double K
45)(Tiquilla Riddim)Quint & Kotch - Busy Signal
46)(Tiquilla Riddim)Follow Me - ZJ Liquid
47)(Conception Riddim)Pop Dung Man - Sheba
48)(Conception Riddim)Nah Gi Yuh Bun - Gaza Slim
49)(Conception Riddim)Making A Baby - Vybz Kartel
50)(Conception Riddim)Different - Popcaan

Welcome to A GAL WE SEH VOL 1


This mix was built with the ladies in mind. You know when you go to a dance and 3am rolls around ,songs like "Benz Punany", "Stulla" ,"Dumpa Truck" ,"House Top" &"Better Can Wuk" come on and the ladies rush the dance floor with the fellas not far behind. Before You know it Dance TUN UP!!!!

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