Welcome to Soca Mission 2013 Miami Edition by Bad Company

Track list

1.Intro Storm
2.Dye Dye Macka Diamond
3.Jouvert Alpha
4.No Problem Erphaan Alves
5.All I Want Super Jigga TC
6.No Way Allison Hinds
7.Aye You Destra
8.Wine Of Your Life Bomani
9.Bajan Man Tamisha
10.I Like Dat Hypasounds
11.Question Of The Year Cooper Dan
12.Born With It Allison Hinds
13.Crankment Peter Ram
14.Condense Porgie & Murder
15.Dibby In A Fete(Roadmix) Verseewild
16.Behave Pun It Lil Rick
17.Back Off Gorg
18.Carnival Tabanca(Bad Co. Remix) Bunji
19.Soca Calling Meh(Bad Co. Remix) Shurwayne Winchester
20.Jiggle That Bombonut Zan
21.Ladies Anthem Allison Hinds
22.Wine Gyal Wine Shurwayne Winchester
23.Need A Riddim(Bad Co. Remix) Biggie IrIe
24.Down Low Farmer Nappy
25.No Worries Mr. Leggs & Yung Image
26.I Love It(Bad Co.Socafix) Iconapop
27.Feel 2 Wuk Shal Marshall
28.Shellinzz Jamesy P
29.Handle Yuh Business Problem Child & Zoela
30.Red Eye Yankey Boy
31.Scream & Shout Will.i.am
32.Busy Devon Matthews
33.Baddest Wine Fadda Fox
34.Shut Ya Mouth Lil Rick
35.Fight D Feeling Kerwin DuBois
36.Ten To One Blaxx
37.Bubble & Bruck(Bad Co. Refix) Peter Ram
38.Graba(Bad Co. Refix) Holla Bak
39.Juck Dung Gyal(Bad Co. Refix) Lil Rick
40.Monster Winer(36Zero Remix) Kerwin Du Bois
41.Bruck It
42.Kotch De Bumper Lil Rick
43.Bumper Bounce Erphaan Alves
44.Reup All My Drinkers Konshens
45.Street Life Indrani
46.Pull Me Over Patrice Roberts
47.Carnival Spirit(Bad Co. Remix) Patrice Roberts
48.Nonstop(Bad Co. Remix) Skinny Fabulous
49.Kick Een She Back Door(Bad Co. Remix) Burning Flames
50.Conquer Meh(Bad Co. Remix) Lyrical
51.All Ah Dat(Bad Co. Refix) Farmer Nappy
52.Soca Wine(Bad Co. Remix) Peter Ram
53.Hooked(Bad Co. Remix) Edwin Yearwood
54.Jam Ronnie Homer
55.Work Bitch/Bad Romance(Bad Co. Socafix) Britney Spears & Lady Ga Ga
56.We Like It Pupa Leendi
57.Jab Jab Nation Tallpree
58.African Jumbie Ajamu
59.Trouble Terror Kid
60.Meet Me On D Road Bezo
61.Take Your Time Chucky Gorden

Welcome to Soca Mission 2013 Miami Edition

by Bad Company

2013 Socamix Miami Edition

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