Welcome to NEW TING 2014 Groovy Soca Mix by Dr Jay De Soca Prince

Track list

1.Carnival Tabanca by BUNJI GARLIN feat. Tarrus Riley

2.Push It Back by CALI BIGS

3.True Masquerader by Kes The Band

4.State Of Mind by Destra

5.She Coming by Machel

6.Spoil Mehself by Kerwin Dubois

7.Bomb Drop by Patrice Roberts

8.Man In Yuh House by Cassi

9.Play More Local (dub plate) by Mr. Famous

10.Play More Local (Travis World Roadmix) by Mr. Famous

11.NEVER SEE COME SEE by Kes The Band

12.Chuku Chuku by Denise Belfon

13.Blazin' by Chucky Gordon

14.Family [Sando Riddim] by Farmer Nappy

15.Wining Champion [Sando Riddim] by Preedy

16.Gyal Season [Sando Riddim] by Jaiga & Nutron

17.Doh Rough Meh [Sando Riddim] by Patrice Roberts

18.Drop It Down [Sando Riddim] by Machel

19.D Thing Mad Up by Menace (M1)

20.Bam Bam by Benjai

21.Three by Swappi 4D

22.Behaving The Worst by Skinny Fabulous

23.Happiest Man Alive by Machel

24.Truck On D Road by Bunji Garlin

25.Never done by 5 STAR AKIL feat. Nadia Batson

26.Socaholic (Doc & Jes Remix) by Ricardo drue

27.Just 1 Wine by Nutron

28.Feel It by Kes The Band

29.Give It To Me by Destra

30.Shake Yuh Bum Bum (Carnival Remix) by TIMAYA feat. Machel

31.Shake dat by Jo Jo

32.Go Down by K-Rich

33.Too real by Kerwin Dubois

34.Ah Like Dat by Mr. Smooth

35.Play De Music (Illusion Music Mix Extended) by Kes The Band

36.Till Next Carnival by Ravi B

37.Professor Feter by Ki

38.Bad Influence by Nadia Batson

39.Part Ah Yuh Nature by Lyrikal

40.SIDDUNG by Kes The Band

41.Big People Ting by Menace (M1)

42.Shameless by Machel

43.No Behaviour by Patch

44.Conquer Meh by Lyrikal

45.Just A Little Bit by Destra

46.My Team by Jaiga

47.Epic by Machel

48.Wa Yuh Drinkin by Olatunji

49.Tek Wine by Swappi

50.Party Nuh Dun by Lyrikal

51.Juice by JAIGA feat. Shal Marshall

52.Gi Dem Dey by Bunji Garlin

53.To Meh Heart by 5 Star Akil

54.CONTAGIOUS (We Drinkin) by ERPHAAN ALVES feat. Blaxx

55.Big People Party by Farmer Nappy

56.The Anthem by Nadia Batson

57.Bam Bam Available by NAKI FROM OMEGA

58.Cool Scene by Fya Empress

59.My Team by Shurwayne

60.Press A Button by Kerwin Dubois

61.I'll Be There by Swappi

62.Drink Something by Shal Marshall

63.Keisha by Jaiga

64.Lockdown by Kerwin Dubois & Lyrikal

65.Bread by Ravi B

66.Slow It Down (dub plate) by Jah Bami

67.Sample (dub plate) by Fadda Moses

68.Double Time by Fadda Moses

69.Slow by Kimba sorzano

70.Wining Good (Bharatiya Laraki) by Olatunji

71.Forget About It by Kerwin Dubois

Welcome to NEW TING 2014 Groovy Soca Mix

by Dr Jay De Soca Prince

New Ting - A refreshing mix of 2014 Groovy Soca by De Soca Prince. 71 Tracks

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