Welcome to TIME TO WINE 2014 by TRINI MAFIA

Track list

1. Trini Mafia Intro
2. To Meh Heart
3. Drink Til Morning
4. My Team
5. Shake Yuh Bum Bum
6. Big People Party
7. Doh Tell Meh Dat
8. Bread
9. Man In Yuh House
10. Its A Carnival
11. Party Time
12. All Of Me
13. Trini Mafia Selfie
14. Shameless
15. Too Real
16. Limbo
17. Go Down
18. Press ah Button
19. Play More Local
20. Play De Music
21. Blazin
22. Happiest Man Alive
23. Behaving The worst
24. Road Mash Up
25. Truck On D Road
26. Haunted
27. Pat Yuh Drum
28. Revolution
29. Epic
30. Trini Mafia Outro
31. True Masquerader
32. State Of Mind
33. Spoil Meh Self
34. She Coming
35. Twerk Remix
36. Nwa Baby
37. Rolly Polly
38. Ministry Of Road
39. Trini Mafia Bloopers

Welcome to TIME TO WINE 2014


The annual TRINI MAFIA TIME TO WINE with the hottest mix of Soca EDM and so much more. You never know what you will hear on a TRINI MAFIA mix cd which makes us so unique. Listen to the Podcast link or download the mix. Hosted by RaviRav and Larryhoe Mix and produced by Barnabus

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