Welcome to Soca Fusion 2014 by Natural Mystic Soundsation

Track list

2.Forget About It
3.Wining Good
4.No Beg
5.Come Over
6.Red Light District
7.All O Dem
8.Wining Champion
9.Drop Your Bumper
10. Doh Rough Me
11. Family
12. Gyal Season
13. Never See Come See
14. Chuku Chuku
15. Need a Riddim
16. Carnival Tabanca
17. First Time
18. Last Man Standing
19. Blazin
20. Bomb Drop
21. Press A Button
22. HMA
23. Worse Behavior
24. Runaway
25. Truck On the Road
26. Spoil Myself
27. She Coming
28. True Masquerader
29. State of Mind
30. Play More Local
31. Drink Till Morning
32. Play Ah Mas
33. What a Feeling
34. All of Me (Soca Remix)
35. Man of the House
36. Give It To Me
37. Greedy
38. My Team
39. Siddung
40. Professor Feter
41. Part of Your Nature
42. Wuk on the Truck (Rd Mix)
43. Shake up Your Bam
44. A Little Wine
45. Cant Get Enough
46. Just a Little Bit
47. Doh Tell Me Dat
48. Shake Dat
49. Conquer Meh (Dub)
50. Big People Party
51. Shameless
52. Too Real
53. Haunted
54. To Meh Heart (Dub)
55. Bread (Selfie Remix)
56. Contagious
57. Come Out to Play
58. Welcome to the Carnival
59. Lock Down
60. Epic

Welcome to Soca Fusion 2014

by Natural Mystic Soundsation

The Natural Mystic Year to Year Mix is now online for your listening pleasure! 2014 Soca mixed like you have never heard… Please purchase the cd on www.mixxx4u.com if you like what you hear, we really appreciate the support.

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