Welcome to Crop Over Recovery 2014 by Blaque Aquarius Entertainment

Track list

Crop Over Recovery 2014:

DJ Barrie Hype Intro
DJ Barrie feat Lil Rick & King Bubba - The Order
King Bubba FM & Jah Cure & Lil Rick - Party People Anthem (Accapella Intro) (Stage Show Riddim)
Big Red The DJ - Bad (Stage Show Rddim)
Lil Rick - Stage Show (Stage Show Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Pon De Nine (Mr Romel Riddim)
Jadel - Wine Up On It (Mr Romel Riddim)
Porgie & Murda - Giddy Up (Mr Romel Riddim)
Lil Rick - Flawless (Mr Romel Riddim)
RDX - Shella (Mr Romel Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Bun Dem (Mr Romel Riddim)
Lil Rick - I Feel Wotless (Bad Boy Riddim)
King Bubba FM - Bad Boy -Gimme Lil Piece- (Bad Boy Riddim)
Stiffy - Girl Stick It
Verseewild & Marzville - Dolla Drop (Dolla Drop Riddim)
Marzville - Dutty Wuk Up (Dolla Drop Riddim)
Porgie & Murda - Rabbit (Master Blaster Riddim)
Lil Rick - I Like Um (Master Blaster Riddim)
Big Red The DJ - Twerkie Twerkie (Master Blaster Riddim)
Salt - Do Dirt (Master Blaster Riddim)
Kaskatee - Juck It Down Again (Master Blaster Riddim)
Peter Ram - Taxeisha (Master Blaster Riddim)
Scrilla - Dis Juck Fuh You (Master Blaster Riddim)
Sekon Sta ft King Bubba FM (Master Blaster Riddim)
Unda Dawg - Wuck And Guh Round (Master Blaster Riddim)
Stiffy - Tic Toc
Porgie & Murda - Ben Up (DJ Puffy Edit) (Bang Bang Riddim)
Mr Killa - Cock It Up (Bang Bang Riddim)
Salt - Pole Dancer (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
Verseeewild - Shocks (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
Peter Ram - De Footballer (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
King Bubba FM - Gimme Wha Got -Wuck Me- #ALLAHDAISBUMPA (Scorpion Riddim)
Lil Rick - Can-t Kill My Vibe (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Touchdown (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Proper (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
Lil Rick - Drop
RDX & Lil Rick - Wine Come Up (Jackpot Riddim)
Unda Dawg - Ya Sweet Rite Off (Jackpot Riddim)
Lil Rick - U & I (Sunburn Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Done De Place (Sunburn Riddim)
Alison Hinds - Riders Pon De Attack
Stiffy - Ride It (Radio) (Tip Pon Ya Toe Riddim)
Peter Ram - None Of My Business (Radio) (Tip Pon Ya Toe Riddim)
Interlude (Cinga Blinga Recovering)
Inches - Vibes (So Nice) (Sour Sop Riddim)
Lead Pipe - Carnival Addiction (Sour Sop Riddim)
Saddis - Take Mi Stress Away (Sour Sop Riddim)
Holla Back - My Life
Scrilla - Fete To Fete (Axiom Riddim)
Cherrish - Show Me Badness (Axiom Riddim)
Lead Pipe & Saddis - Ah Feeling (DJ Gomez Intro Remix) (Axiom Riddim)
Shanta Prince - Stush
Fadda Fox - Ducking (G Speare Road Mix)
Mikey - Next To De Rope (Jouvert Steel Pan Remix)
Biggie Irie - Pankatang
Farmer Nappy - Bring Iron Beater
Lil Rick - Last Man To Leave (All Inclusive Riddim)
Shanta - Paint Me Down -Wet Meh- (All Inclusive Riddim)
Hypasound - Dutti (DJ Gomez Roadmix)
Preedy - Push Back (June Bomb Riddim)
Erphan Alves - 25 To Life (June Bomb Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Put In That Work (June Bomb Riddim)
Blaxx - Badness (June Bomb Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Push Up On It (June Bomb Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Anywhere Dat We Step (June Bomb Riddim)
Lavaman - We Nah Change (June Bomb Riddim)
King Bubba FM - Come Out To Win (June Bomb Riddim)
Lil Rick - Great Day (June Bomb Riddim)
King Bubba FM - I-ll Never Give Up (Born To Win)
Hypasound - Feel So Good
Alison Hinds - Soca Animal
Sanctuary - Mega Monday
Edwin Yearwood - How Ah Like It
Red Plastic Bag - Roller Coaster
Nikita - Body Personality
King Bubba FM ft Lil Rick - Bad From Mi Born
Gorg ft Denise -Saucy- Belfon - Meh Rum
Coopa dan feat Bretta Linton - Rum
Yannick Hopper and Holla Bak - Wine Sampling
Edwin Yearwood - Pole
Imani - Bacchanal Road (Red Boyz Road Mix)
Skinny Banton ft Alison Hinds - Soak It Good (Remix)
Outro Info

Welcome to Crop Over Recovery 2014

by Blaque Aquarius Entertainment

Blaque Aquarius Entertainment Presents Crop Over Recovery 2014 which features all the hits and more for Barbados Carnival. Special thanks to all the people who contributed to this mixtape.

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