Welcome to Pon D Gaza by DJ Bean

Track list

01 Intro
02 Portmore Empire- Empire Forever
03 Gaza Slim- Everything Fi Hold Him
04 Vybz Kartel- Summertime
05 Popcaan- Ravin
06 Sheba- No Stylin
07 Gaza Slim- Everything Fi Hold Him
08 Sheba- No Idiot Gal
09 Popcaan- Only Man She Want
10 Shawn Storm- Real Man
11 Vybz Kartel- Love You Ennuh
12 Popcaan- Hear Dem A Talk
13 Vybz Kartel- More Than Neo
14 Sheba- Money
15 Vybz Kartel- Life
16 Popcaan- Cah Believe
17 Vybz Kartel- Real Badman
18 Vybz Kartel- Love U Baby
19 Vybz Kartel- Go Go Wine
20 Vybz Kartel- Wine
21 Vybz Kartel- Come Yah Nuh Mi Gal
22 Vybz Kartel ft. Russian- Look Pon We
23 Vybz Kartel ft. Russian- Get Gal Anywhere
24 Vybz Kartel- British Love
25 Vybz Kartel- Sex In The City
26 Vybz Kartel- Do Wah Yuh Wah Fi Do
27 Merital- Mi Yard
28 Popcaan- Happiness
29 Antwain- Wine
30 Vybz Kartel- Jump Inna D Benz
31 Vybz Kartel ft. Sheba- You & Him Deh
32 Vybz Kartel ft. Popcaan & Gaza Slim- Clarks
33 Popcaan- Real Badman
34 Vybz Kartel- You Need Me
35 Vybz Kartel- Dancehall Hero
36 Vybz Kartel- Till My Life Over
37 Vybz Kartel- Clarks Again
38 Vybz Kartel- Dumpa Truck
39 Vybz Kartel- Neva Get A Gal Weh Mi Love So
40 Vybz Kartel- Cake Soap
41 Vybz Kartel- Wear Weh Yuh Have
42 Vybz Kartel- Versatility
43 Merital- Style & Pattern
44 Sheba- Caan Do Mi Nuttin
45 Vybz Kartel- Wine Fi Mi Nuh
46 Vybz Kartel- Mi Baby U
47 Vybz Kartel- Coloring Book
48 Chan Dizzy- Strange Face *BONUS*
49 Chan Dizzy- Hello Badmind *BONUS*
50 Vybz kartel- Touch A Button Nuh
51 Merital- When We Party
52 Popcaan- Up Inna D Club
53 Vybz Kartel- Love Mi Give Gal
53 Popcaan- Body Suh Right
55 Vybz Kartel- Mi Love You
56 Vybz Kartel ft. Russian- Hot Grabba
57 Vybz Kartel- Thank You Jah
58 Shawn Storm- My Life
59 Popcaan- Gangster City
60 Merital- Pray
61 Popcaan- Dream

Welcome to Pon D Gaza

by DJ Bean

Vybz Kartel & The Portmore Empire 1st Link iPod 2nd Link CD

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