Welcome to ANTIGUA INDEPENDENCE MIX 2014 by DJ Jungle

Track list

01:Oyan-Stand Up For Antigua
02:Oyan- Oh Ya Ya
03:Burning Flames- Juantalamera
04:Burning Flames-Workey
05:Burning Flames- There's A Land
06:Onyan- Everyday Of The Week
07:Onyan- In De In De
08:Onyan- If Loving You Is Wrong
09:Burning Flames- Knuckle
10:Burning Flames- Spring Chicken
11:Burning Flames- Drunk Like A Skunk
12:Burning Flames- Avoid Me
13:Burning Flames- Bus Ride
14:Burning Flames- Octane Boost
15:Burning Flames- Encendiendo Engine
16:Red Hot Flames- Cerveza
17:Red Hot Flames- Take Your Time
18:Red Hot Flames- Leah We Dance
19:Red Hot Flames- Tenderoni
20:Tian Winter- One More Time
21:Tian Winter- All Around
22:Tian Winter- Baby I
23:Tian Winter- Heaven Mastered
24:Lyrical Redz- Plug Um Enn
25:All I Know Riddim Instrumental
26:Lyrical Redz- Borrow That Bumpa
27:Set On- You Belong To Me


by DJ Jungle

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