Welcome to (S)oca (I)ntensive (C)are (K)it by Trauma Unit

Track list

Professional- Ricardo Drue
Gym Instructor- Lil Rick
Ready To Chip- Skinny Banton
No Behavior- Big Red & Melo
Old Time Something- Boasta
Spontaneous- Red Plastic Bag
Tornado (Supersonic)- Verseewild
Plenty- Skinny Fabulous
Boom Boom Jump- Lil Rick
Unruly (RoadMix)- Menace
Your My Suga- Zan
Sugar Rush- Hypa Sounds
I.O.U- Tizzy & El A Kru
Money Done- Patrice Roberts
For All Ah Dem- Problem Child
Whole Night- King Bubba
Gas Station Attendant (PUMP)- Bankers
My Island- Biggie Irie
Wuk- Fadda Fox & Preedy
Spotlight- Mikey
Nobody- Lyrikal
Tequila- Nikita Ft. King Bubba
Nasty- Claudette Peters
When Tomorrow Come- Don Trent
Wid You- Statement
Party Ah De Year- Edwin Yearwood
It\'s The Weekend- Skinny Fabulous
Put We Out- Sekon Sta
Don\'t Test We- Lavaman
Rum King- King Bubba
The Last One- Lead Pipe & Saddis
All Is Rum- Lil Rick
Mashup- King Bubba
All Ah We- Peter Ram
How She Like It- Hypa Sounds
Carnival Cock- King Sonic
Living Meh Life- Supa Mario
No Shame- Ricardo Drue
Left Right Stop Wukup- Spectrum Band
Shaylo- Sisa
Lunatic- Fireman Hooper
Dutty Dancing- Hypa 4000
Front Yard Wet- Skinny Banton
Riders- Ricardo Drue
War- Ricardo Drue
None Like Me- Supa Mario
D General- Claudette Peters
Voices(Road Mix)- Tian Winters
What We Doing- Ezzy RattyGan
Do Something Crazy- Asa Banton

Welcome to (S)oca (I)ntensive (C)are (K)it

by Trauma Unit

Trauma Unit has returned with the most anticipated SOCA MIX of the season!!! S.I.C.K (Soca Intensive Care Kit). Trauma Unit blends music throughout the entire Caribbean and this is sure to make YOU S.I.C.K with a HIGH SOCA FEVER. This unique soca mix is 1000 degrees of HEAT and showcases Trauma Unit\'s versatility! Make sure you download and GET S.I.C.K with it!

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