Welcome to Old School Soca 80's/90's Party Mix by Musical Mix

Track list

01.1986 --- Drop Mix
02.Tiny Winey --- Byron Lee
03.Gimmie Soca --- Byron Lee
04.Black Man --- Black Stalin
05.Bun Dem --- Black Stalin
06.Judith --- Scrunter
07.Oil In The Coil --- Scrunter
08.Sing In She Party --- Scrunter
09.Wet Me Down --- Johnny King
10.Sugar Bum Bum --- Kitchiner
11.Golo --- Sencong Image
12.Dingolay --- Shadow
13.Reggae All Night --- Drop
14.Social All Night --- Explainer
15.Shake It --- Sound Rev.
16.Qwelves --- King Wellington
17.Mr Blessessar --- Drupatee
18.Boots --- Mighty Gabby
19.Nanny Wine --- Crazy
20Boom Boom Time --- Iwer George
21.Superman --- Super Blue
22.Ethell --- Super Blue
23.Virgina --- Super Blue
24.Get Something And Wave --- Super Blue

Welcome to Old School Soca 80's/90's Party Mix

by Musical Mix

100% Old School Party Hits

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