Track list

King Bubba Fm - Calling In Sick (Crown Prince Mix)
Sekon Sta - Night & Day
Problem Child - So Good
Peter Ram - Good Morning (Nms Mix)
Grynner - Turn On De Speaker
Coopa Dan - Home
Iweb - Big Up
Mr. Veejay - Temptation
Supaa - Structure
Mikey - C.e.o
Lil Rick - Wine Teef
Lil Rick - Way Up (Blaqrose Supreme Mix)
Shanta Prince - Til Morning
Skinny Fabulous - Pompous
Edwin Yearwood - De World Ain't See
Joaquin- Home
Lil Rick - Bachannalist
Ricardo Drue - Id Stamp (Blaqrose Mix)
Peter Ram - The Tribe (Dj Inchy Mix)
Leadpipe & Saddis - Dreams
Alison Hinds - Carnival Way
Lyrikal & King Bubba Fm - Worlds Greatest
Don Trent - Leave Me Alone
Fadda Fox - Doh Text Meh
Preedy - Addicted
Mr. Dale - Nuttin Sweetah
Yannick Hooper - They Don't Want Us To Fete
King Bubba Fm - One King (132-140 Bpm Transition)
Hypasounds - Bam Bam Back (Jus-jay Road Treatment)
Ian Webster (Aka Iweb)- Wuk Up & Rum
Lil Rick - Get Thru
Sanctuary - Smash
Mikey - Live Fuh This
Mr. Dale - Mek Tuh Fete
Lil Rick - I'z A Bajan
Edwin Yearwood - Bore Ah Hole
Fantom Dundeal - Bajan Man 2
Linky Da First - Rock And Come In
Fadda Fox & Runtown - All Day All Night
Mr. Veejay& King Julien - Summer Again
Scrilla - Gal Drop (Blaqrose Supreme Mix)
Stabby - Oops
Dp - O Dear
Big Red - Cant
Salt - Bang Bang (Home Improvement)
Level Vibes - Gidem (Show Me)
Hardware - Pi-ata
Xcel & Bounty Killa - Bout Hey Heavy
Speed - Ga Down
Dr. Versee - Roll It
King Bubba Fm - What A Rush
Hypa Kidz - Bubble-ish
Flipo - Doctor
Lil Rick - Brek Down De Fence
Stiffy - Whip It Real Good
Rameses Feat. Lady Essence - Blows
Coopa Dan - Champion Gal
Scrilla - Dirty Bend
Marzville - Down Pon It
Marz Ville Feat Snap Brandy - Bang Bim (Dj Puffy Mix)
Alison Hinds- Bang Bim
Jagwa De Champ - Back It Up
Xcel 246 - Pon Me
Stiffy - Tek Off Something (Bashment Soca King)
Terrah Dan - Ruff So
S.k - Crank
Xcel 246 - Pass Me A Drink F.king Bubba Fm
S.k. - Cockspur Dibbyness
Dj Shaqmed Feat. Joaquin - Leave Me Alone
Foreigner Frank - Push Wood
Salt - Hey Salty (How I Met Your Grand Mother)
T-rock Again - Behind De Truck
Scrilla - Down De Hatch
Red Plastic Bag - I Love It
Sandman - Cyan Leff Me
Nikita - True Colours
Nikita/alison Hinds - Royalty (Queens And Princesses)
Marvay - Know The Face
Rupee - I'll Be Ok
Biggie Irie - Money Well Spent (Nms Mix)
Lead Pipe & Saddis - 246 Til I Die
Fadda Fox - Bartender
Fadda Fox - Going Mad F.skinny Fabulous
King Bubba Fm - Another One
Lead Pipe & Saddis - Make A Fete
Skinny Fabulous - Watch Thing
Tian Winter - Can't Explain
Don Trent - New Day
Joaquin - This Place
Coco - Soca Music
Hollabak - Gone
Twisey - Best Friend F.hollabak
Sanctuary - Bailar
Blood - Mr. Bakanal
Sim Simma - Bashment
Edwin Yearwood - Home Sweet Home
Shanta Prince - We Loose
Imani - Meh Body
Stiffy - Can't Find She
Nikita - Bun It Up
Miss Tc - De People Place
Miss Tc - Wine & Carry On
Verseewild - Injections
Hypa Kidz - Priviledge
Supa Hype - Wid Somebody
Timmy - Wuk Up Bad Pon On It
Statement - Play Mas Again (P.m.a)
Teejay - Make Meh Name
Ricardo Drue Feat King Bubba Fm - Rum Again "Drink Up"
Boatman - Shut It Down
Lil Rick - Doing De Dog
Sekon Sta - Mamacita
Fadda Fox - Dirty Habits
King Bubba Fm - Unstoppable "Give Thanks"



Crop Over is here, so are your favorite tunes. Two hours of Crop over hits in one mix. Tunes you need to know for 2016 Barbados Crop Over and Foreday Morning.

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