Welcome to 2017 CROP OVER CHARGE by DJ JEL

Track list

Marvay - Stars Align (Red Boyz Kadooment Day Mix)
Nikita - Same Way (Julian Rampaul Intro)
Holla Bak - Sweet Like Ooh
Red Plastic Bag - Boat Ride
Lil Rick - Blessing
Peter Ram - Memory (Blaqrose Mix)
Shaquille - Collateral
Rameses - AWOL
Edwin Yearwood - Trail
Jagwa - Drinka (Blaqrose Mix)
Sanctuary - Pick Me Up
Mr. Red - Plenty
Jus Smoove - UNRULY
Biggie Irie - Rehab
Edwin Yearwood - Life Goes On
King Bubba x Lavaman - Drunk Day
Lavaman x King Bubba FM - Point You Out
Hypasounds - Dip
Porgie & Murda - Shakle Out
Stiffy and Jagwa - 246 BIKE LIFE
Scrilla - Playing With My Head
Coopa Dan - Whine Jiggle
Hardware - Pop Down
Jah Reddis - Lickdown! F.Hardware
Trey Breezy - Bones vs Fat
Lil Rick - All Kinda Girls
Hypa Kidz - The Showdown
Porgie & Murda - Hop In De Bar
Jagwa De Champ - Ride (Split Like A Pea & Tick Like A Clock)
Speed - Ga Down
Freezy- Split In Di Middle
Jafar - Bang
Scrilla x Faith - Gimmie
Stabby - Bounce N Peep Back
Stabby - Wukkist
Stiffy - Tip And Bend Ova
Marzville - Gas it Up
Scrilla - Wood
Lady Essence - Fluffy Gal Anthem
Marvay - Antid-te (Julian Rampaul Intro)
JUS D - 9 (nine)
Boatman - Motion In The Ocean
Sekon Sta - Bruckout
Verseewild - Spend
Stiffy - New Money
King Bubba FM - Bubbaling
Lil Rick - Wait Til Tonite
Marzville - Give It To Ya
Gorg - Sweet Spot
iWeb - Lovah
Hypasounds - Get Up & Move (Ice Supreme Mix)
Nikita - Carry Festival
Shanta - Expensive Liquor
Joaquin Brewster - The Baddest
Skinny Fabulous - Badman
Lil Rick - Advantage Of Me
King Bubba FM - Welcome Home
Kendel - In Love Wid De Road
JUS D. - What I love
Faith - Refill
Hypasounds - Liquor
Hypasounds - Closer To Me
Fadda Fox - Good Ole Days
Miss TC- Paradise
Kirk Brown - Incredible Girl
Yannick Hooper - Double Up
Mr. Veejay - Celebrate Life
King Bubba FM - This Is The Life
King Bubba & Lil Rick - Soca Made Me Do It
King Bubba - No Sober
Lead Pipe & Saddis - Early Bird
King Bubba - No Sober
Diztrict 7 Feat King Bubba FM Kerwin DuBois & Skinny Fabulous - Plenty Plenty
Lil Rick & Peter Ram - Let's Go Tridents
Lil Rick - Energy
Peter Ram - Upside Down
Mistah Dale - Soca Familezzz
Stiffy - Mavis

Welcome to 2017 CROP OVER CHARGE


Get charged with the baddest soca tracks for the 2017 Crop Over season. Includes bashment soca, sweet soca and power soca.

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