Track list

Holla Bak - Too Sweet
Fadda Fox - Rock That Body
One Vo1ce - Rub Up
Jus D x Faith - Sugar
Maloney - Who drinking
Mr Dale - Fetulous
Kenyo Baly - In Front Ah Me
Jus D - Manager (Young Rizen)
Shanta Prince - Throw Wine (Blaqrose Supreme)
Shanta - Throw Wine
Joaquin - Tiney Winey
Infamous HD - Body Look Fine
JUS D - Only Thing She Know
Yannick Hooper - Wine Down Low (Blaqrose Supreme Intro Edit)
Scrilla x Bloodshot - Whine Down
Marzville - Sweetness
Marzville - When She Come Woi
Stiffy - Riddim In Ya Back
Biggie Irie - Country
iWeb - Juck Fuh Dat
Shanta - Put It On Me
Lil Rick - Morning Vibez (Breakfast In Bed)
Leadpipe & Saddis - Pour Another Shot
JUS D - Hole
Statement - Single
Bo Bo - Rain
Holla Bak x Machel Montano - Enjoy
Red Plastic Bag - I Am Alive
Marvay - At Large
King Bubba x Nikita - My Friend (Blaqrose Supreme Intro Edit)
iWeb - Best In Me
Kirk Brown - Still Jammin'
Mikey - Feting Family
Shaquille - Arms Wide Open (Blaqrose Supreme Intro Edit)
Alison Hinds - Famalay
Nikita - Journey
Leadpipe And Saddis - Blessed
Imani - All Day Long
Hollabak x Skinny Fabolous - Attitude
L Pank - Whole Night
Mr. Dale - Sweet Tuh All
Lil Rick - Hold On
King Bubba FM - Show Me Power
Lavaman - The Anthem
Kendel Haynes - Don't Judge Me
Ricardo Drue - I Got You
Hardware - Alone
Lil Rick - True Story
Peter Ram - Push Back
King Bubba - Juice (Blaqrose Supreme)
Scrilla - De Baddest
Shal Marshall - Trending
Problem Child - Love De Road
Lil Rick - Sugar Lump
Nikita - Going The Distance
Stiffy - Lies
Yannick Hooper - Parlez-vous Fran-ais
Boatman - Lit The Road
King Bubba FM x Travis World - Bajan Style "Trample It" (INTRO MIX)
Hypasounds - Squat Gal
Lil Rick - Mudda Sally
Lil Rick x Mikey - Trouble Start
Freezy x KI - Mad Gyal
Sita Di Lyrical Diva - Bam Bam
King Bubba FM - Jiggle Jiggle "Show Me" (party mix)
Miguel - Camo
Jus Smoove - 90s Honda
Jagwa - Face Down
Jagwa - Correction Time
Nish & Stiffy - Rod Of Correction
Stiffy - NBGA (No Boring Girls Allowed)
Hypasounds - Brace
Hypasounds - Wine Afer Wine
Hardware - Mind Ya Business
D2- Beat Off Sain
Nellee - Beat Off Wha Ting?
Rhea - Bounce
Stabby - Bring D Bam Bam (Sexy Eh)
Marzville - Roughness
Verseewild - Backway
Lil Rick - Ben It
SK - Minivan
SK - Despicable
Nico Vybz - If Yuh Able
Unda Dawg - Booty Bounce
Lil Rick - Hover It
Stabby - Tongue Out
Big Red The DJ - Pelt Back
Hardware - No Glass Back (Just Bend)
Problem Child x Terrah Dan - Work On You
Patrice Roberts - No Lazy Body
Scrilla - Ooh Ooh
Jus D - Down
Peter Ram - Different
Ricky T x King Bubba FM - Fiery
King Bubba FM - Madness Again (Shell Down)
King Bubba FM - Panic
Lavaman - So Ah Come
Ricardo Drue - 90 Degrees (Bend Down)
Fadda Fox - Vybz Overload
Stiffy x King Bubba FM - Gimmie Room
King Bubba - Panic (Blaqrose Supreme Intro Edit)
Marzville - Break It
Porgie N Murda - Come Down
BoBo - Bajan Season
Alison Hinds - Shellings
Shaquille - Ultimatum
Fimba - Funky Business



The sweetest soca for Crop over 2018. Featuring sweet soca, power soca and of course authentic BAJAN bashment soca. Are you ready for the 246 vibes. Bring yuh mudda sally and PRESS PlaY.

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