Welcome to Soca Drift 2019 (Strictly Soca Hits) by Blaque Aquarius

Track list

Farmer Nappy - Hookin- Meh (The Purple Heart Riddim)
Nadia Batson - So Long (The Purple Heart Riddim)
Sekon Sta & Patrice Roberts - My Side
Machel Montano - Falling (Corner Rock RIddim)
Problem Child - Stay Far (Corner Rock Riddim)
Teddyson John - Vent
GBM Nutron - Practice
Jus D - Manager
Patrice Roberts - Like It Hot (Kickstand Riddim)
Timeka Marshall - Winey Winey (Kickstand Riddim)
Problem Child - Good Up Good Up (Kickstand Riddim)
Shall Marshall - Party We Love (Kickstand Riddim)
Kerwin DuBois, Voice, Lyrikal & Teddyson John - Speechless
Chennet Man - Clockwise
Blackboy ft Youth - Parle Bow (Jordan Riddim)
Bobo - Tic & Tac It (Marigot Bay Riddim)
Nessa Preppy - Issa Snack (Do It Riddim)
Sekon & Trinidad Ghost - Boom (Do It Riddim)
Salty - Work (Do It Riddim)
Machel Montano - Brace Up (Badang Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Badang! (Badang Riddim)
Olatunji - Oh Me Oh My (Bandang Riddim)
MX Prime - Seek And Find (Bandang Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - No Habla
Kes - Love It (Twin Flames Riddim)
Olatunji -Thank Mama (Twin Flames Riddim)
Seaon Sta - I Swear (Twin Flames Riddim)
Kerwin DuBois - Soca Demon
Kes D Band - Savannah Grass
Fimba - Funky Business (Stinger Riddim)
Lyrikal - Passing Tru
Voice ft David Rudder - Madness
V-gh - Trouble In The Morning (Morning After Riddim)
L Pank - Whole Night (Morning After Riddim)
Hollabak & Skinny Fabolous - Attitude (Morning After Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - I Got U
Swappi & Ultimate Rejects - Party Start
Blaxx - Gyal Owner (Tight Squeeze Riddim)
Orlando Octave - Ride Out (High Vibration Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Trending (Monkey Steel Riddim)
Problem Child - De Road (Monkey Steel Riddim)
Preedy - Lost And Found (Lost And Found Riddim)
Ricardo Drue & Salty - Bend Down (Lost And Found Riddim)
Marzville - Roughness (Amped Riddim)
Majah Hype ft King Bubba & Lil Rick - Tek Off Ya Clothes (Amped Riddim)
Lil Rick - Sugar Lump
Lyrikal - Zig Zag
Lil Rick - True Story (Mad Alien Riddim)
King Bubba FM - Juice (Mad Alien Riddim)
Farmer Nappy & Machel Montano - Day One
Mandella Linkz - Tombstone (Mandrakes Riddim)
Kerwin DuBois - My Faults
Machel Montano - Dr Mash Up
Machel Montano - Come Out
Bunji Garlin & Shadow - Pay De Soca Devil (Official N.MG Refix)
Leon Coldero & Fay Ann Lyons - Shake It
Krome & Nassis - The Thing (Bend Dong For De Hmmm) (Mad Cow Riddim)
Zoombay - Movay Tuh (Mad Cow Riddim)
Motto & Skinny Fabulous - Pick Your position (Asap Riddim)
Lil Rick - Muda Sally
Kisha ft Mata - The People Man (Sick Jab Riddim)
Nailah Blackman & Fay Ann Lyons - NFL Touch Down
Skinny Fabolous ft Machel Montano, Skinny Fabulous - Famalay
Super Blue - Rag Storm
Iwer George - Waters Blessings
Lil Natty & Thunda - Section
Machel Montano ft Ashanti - The Road
Iwer - Go (Roadmix)
Patrice Roberts - Judgement Stage
Mr Killa - Run Wid It (Planet Jab Riddim)
Lavaman - Mad Jab (Planet Jab Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons - Go Through ft Talpree (Planet Jab Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Big Song (Planet Jab Riddim)
Iwer George - Road March Bacchanal 2
Ravi B - Start Over
Machel Montano & Calypso - Young Boy
Machel Montano - Toco Loco (Toco Loco Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Touch Me (Toco Loco Riddim)
Kes - Nah Let Go (Toco Loco Riddim)
Problem Child - Whole Heart (10x Over Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Into You (10x Over Riddim)
Salty - Body Good (FOLI Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - See Meh (FOLI Riddim)
Fay Ann Lyons - Feel Good (FOLI Riddim)
Kerwin DuBois - No Distraction (Juju Riddim)Kerwin DuBois - Right For Somebody (Osaka Riddim)
Voice - Alive And Well (Unplugged) ft Bishop Anstey High School Choir)
Dev - Dutty
Nailah Blackman - Iron Love
Erphaan Alves - Compromise

Welcome to Soca Drift 2019 (Strictly Soca Hits)

by Blaque Aquarius

Blaque Aquarius Entertainment Presents Soca Drift 2019 featuring all the hits this Carnival season and more.

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