Welcome to DJ Explicit Presents Zess In The 868 by DJ Explicit

Track list

1.Prince Swanny Awakening
2.Lawless 4th Genna Boaty boy
3.Jahllano Need A Change
4.Prince Swanny Bread Winner
5.Lawless Dead Like Dog
6.Jahllano Decisions
7.Tech Sounds To My Thugs
8.Medz Boss Bad Gyal
9.Prince Swanny Bonafire
10.Jahllano Bang Bang
11.Jahllano War Dem Want
12.K.Lion Rise Up
13.Plumpy Boss My Journey
14.Tech Sounds Fallen Soliders
15.Prince Swanny Watch Your Friends
16.Tafari East
17.Coutain Bloodaz
18.Kyler & Kazfuego Pree
19.Jahllano Never Let Down
20.Zebee Bleach
21.CJ Dan Blackford
22.Rheon Elbourne Endurance
23.Med Boss Real El Gringo
24.K.Lion Team
25.Rebel Sixx Team
26.Prince Swanny Bread Winner (DJ Explicit Refix)
27.Kyler Nah Fail
28. Rheon Elbourne Hold On
29.Jaron Nurse One More
30.Plumpy Boss My Story
31.Mello Ready
32.Medz Boss Fear We
33.Prince Swanny Dreams
34.Medz Boss Tek Lyfe
35.Prince Swanny Stacking
36.Icee Dan March Out
37.Teejay Anyway
38.Boogie & G5 Violation
39.JP Squeeze It
40.Rebel & K.Lion B16
41.Pablo Dan Man Ah General
42.Rondo Touch Down
43.Boy Boy Rabia
44.Tech Sounds Full Metal Jacket
45.Toppy Boss Dem Fi No
45.Rebel Sixx Deal With It
46.Rebel Sixx Ghetto Prophet
47.Rebel Sixx Loony
48.Rebel Sixx King Life
49. Rebel Sixx So Right
50.Rebel Sixx History Book
51.Rebel Sixx Paliament
52.Prince Swanny Real Mad Dawgs
53.Prince Swanny Marrow Ago Fly
54.Boy Boy Die Die
55.Boy Boy Adrenaline
56.Boy Boy No Talk
57. Zerimar & Riima Dan 911
58.Zerimar Arima
59.K.Lion Step Pon Dem
60.Medz Boss & Icee Dan Welcome 2 Trinibad
61.Rebel Sixx World War 3
62.K.Lion One Link
63.One6ix Function In She Soul
64.Rheon Elbourne Zessame Street
65.Tafari Top Gyalist
66.K.Lion Safe
67.Raskality Zesser
68. Prince Swanny Mad Mi So
69.Rebel Sixx OMG
70.Jahllano We Accustom
71.LR Chargie
72.K.Lion Malandros
73.K.Lion Private Zess

Welcome to DJ Explicit Presents Zess In The 868

by DJ Explicit

Compliation of the hottest Dancehall from Trinidadian artistes.

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