Welcome to Back In Times Soca [BITS] by Mr STARKMaDD

Track list

1. Calypso Music David Rudder
2. Ah Feeling To Party Black Stalin
3. Rock With Me Merchant
4. Sing In She Party Scrunter
5. Golo Second Imj
6. We Rocking All Night Rootsman
7. Rock Me Rock Me Rootsman
8. Doh Rock It So Baron
9. Sugar Bum Bum Lord Kitchener
10. Tiney Winey Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
11. Curry Tabanca De Mighty Trini
12. Sweetness Is My Weakness Baron
13. Give Me Soca Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
14. Wet Me Down Johnny King
15. Looking For Horn Mighty Shadow
16. Tension Mighty Shadow
17. The Garden Want Water Mighty Shadow
18. Dingolay Mighty Shadow
19. Doh Jam Dis Scrunter
20. Somebody In The Party Mighty Sparrow
21. Pan In Danger Merchant
22. Soca Train Gypsy
23. Soca Baptist Super Blue
24. Too Young To Soca Machel Montano
25. Free Up Tambu
26. Feeling Hot Hot Hot Arrow
27. Ah Coming The Mighty Power
28. Somebody Baron
29. Kakaroach Lord Kitchener
30. If Ah Rude Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
31. Lorraine Explainer
32. Long Time Arrow
33. Feeling It Baron
34. Dollar Wine Taxi
35. Mr Bissessar Drupati
36. De Party Now Start Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
37. Spring Garden Ras Iley
38. Nani Wine Crazy
39. Fire In Me Wire Calypso Rose
40. I Doh Mind Winston Soso
41. Dr Cassandra Mighty Gabby
42. Doh Back Back Mighty Sparrow
43. Iron Girl Winston Soso
44. Small Pin Beckett
45. Whoa Donkey United Sisters
46. Put Your Hand On Your Head Sound Rev
47. Stranger Mighty Shadow
48. Wine On Something Super Blue
49. Get Something & Wave Super Blue
50. Jab Molassie Super Blue

Welcome to Back In Times Soca [BITS]


Here it is, the Back In Times Soca mix as promised. Also available for download on www.mrstarkmadd.wordpress.com

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