Welcome to Soca Seduction 4 by Bad Company Sounds

Track list

1.Intro 0:26 Nikki G
2.Denial 2:13 Faye Ann Lyons
3.Toating Feelings 2:11 Benjai
4.Over You 1:58 Kimba Sorazno
5.Stress Away 2:02 Kes ft Snoop Dogg
6.4D Gyal 1:54 Swappi
7.Make You Rock 1:36 Machel Mantano
8.Whining Symptom 2:01 Isasha
9.I Am A Digger 1:48 Rudy
10.Keep On Wucking 2:07 Destra
11.Wukkin Up 1:12 Lil Rick
12.Wine For Yuh Lover 0:51 Ziggy Rankin
13.Carnival Gal 0:58 Mad Dawg
14.Bless U(Bad Co.Remix) 2:13 Bungi
15.Coming Over 2:37 Kes
16.Wining Addiction 1:22
17.Hand On The Ground 1:53
18.Alcohol 1:57 Bungi
19.Beat It 1:20 Problem Child
20.Brace n Wine 1:28 Skinny Fabolous
21.Attitude 1:12 Destra
22.Pressure Waist 0:57 Tian Winter
23.Go Down 0:48 Orlando Octave
24.Gih Me 1:24 Patrice Roberts
25.Bam Bam 1:45 Bungi
26.I Am Soca 1:37 KERWIN DU BIOS & Patrice Roberts
27.You Make Me 1:52 Farmer Nappy
28.Shorty Remix 1:14 SHURWAYNE WHICHESTER Ft Popcaan
29.Bacchanalarian 1:12 Problem Child
30.Tun Up 1:58 Bungi
31.Runaway 1:11 KERWIN DU BIOS & Bungi
32.Bottle Of Rum 1:42 Machel Mantano
33.Peoples Champion 1:10 Bengai
34.Hit Meh 1:18 Blaxx
35.Baddist 1:58 Destra
36.Action 1:01 TC
37.Nothing Less 0:56 K Rich
38.All Over 1:05 Faye Ann Ft Baron
39.No Pressure 1:11 Nadia Batson
40.Ready 0:55 Nadia Batson
41.Bartender 0:54 Mackamillion ft Yankey Boy
42.Saw Mill 0:39 Orlando Octave
43.On De Ave(Bad Co.Remix) 1:02 Machel Mantano
44.Garlic Sauce 0:58 Allrounder
45.All Night 0:57 Devon Mathews
46.Sweetest Wine 0:23 Umi Marcano
47.Make A Toast 0:53 Screws
48.Ketchin It 0:38 Lil Bits
49.True Story 1:08 Benjai
50.In Your Eyes 0:38 Erphaan Alves
51.Shiver 1:08 Nadia Batson
52.Vibes Cyah Done 0:45 Machel Mantano
53.Bacchanalist(Bad Co.Remix) 3:01 KERWIN DU BIOS
54.Precision Wine 1:00 Kes
55.Behind the Trunk 0:30 Jahmoun
56.So And So 2:29 Bungi
57Mr Fete 1:47 Machel Mantano
Outro Mix 0:20

Welcome to Soca Seduction 4

by Bad Company Sounds

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