Welcome to SOCA REHAB #1 by Dj Blackz

Track list

1)Mash It Up - Destra
2)Max it Up - Destra
3)Fly Away - Zoelah
4)Party Hard - Iwer George
5)Playing Jab - Talpree
6)Pipe - Denise Belfon ft Patch
7)Ah Something - Fay Ann Lyons
8)Mad Carnival - Bunji Garlin
9)Badder Than Everybody - Skinny Fabulous
10)Hunting Whole Day - Blaxx
11)On D Spot - Skinny Fabulous
12)Breatless - Roy Cape ALL Stars, bLaxx
13)Pressure Boom - Ricky T ft Mr. Vegas
14)Jamishness - Machel Montano HD
15)Who Standing - Fay Ann Lyons
16)TAKE OUT YOUR BANDANAS - Skinny Fabulous
17)Ablah Ablah - Kakal
18)Doan Hold We Back - Machel Montano HD
19)Spread Out - Lil' Rick
20)Turn It Up - Patrice Roberts
21)Ready Wid De Rags - Skinny Fabolous
22)Palance - JW & Blaze
23)Police - Shal Marshall Ft Screws
24)Foot On Fire - Blood
25)Major Stabby Pain
26)Duracel Plus - Skinny Fabolous F.Machel Montano
27)Welcome Back - Destra
28)Iron & Steel - Fay Ann Lyons
29)Jab No Pain - Iwer George
30)Miss Behave - Fay-ann lyons
31)Come To Meh - Iwer George
30)No Behaviour - Machel Montano
31)Hard Wuk - Machel Montano
32)illagle - Machel Montano
33)Doh Drag D Flag - Shal Marshall
34)Advantage - Machel Montano
35) Pump yuh flag - Machel Montano

Welcome to SOCA REHAB #1

by Dj Blackz

Natural Black Sounds Presents SOCA REHAB #1

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