Welcome to Feelings by DJ Rasfimillia

Track list

01 Pirates Anthem
By Cocoa Tea & Shabba Ranks

02 Agony
By Pinchers

03 Melodica Version
By Jacin

04 Inna Di Road
By Chezidek

05 Longing For
By Jah Cure

06 Concrete Jungle Rock
By Louie Culture

07 So Clean, So Nice
By Admiral T

08 Let's Sing And Shout
By Natural Black

09 Hungry
By Fantan Mojah

10 Unification
By Ginjah

11 Raid The Barn
By Anthony B

Welcome to Feelings

by DJ Rasfimillia

Mixing up my daily feelings, up and down is the way dem let me feel! In my opinion life is a cyrcle, what goes around comes around, it is kinda art of living and daily lifestyle we have to go trough. I call it "dread art"! Rastafari lets me know when things ruff and tuff! It's a rocky road! Listen it! http://www.mediafire.com/?0020cqk0119... Download it!

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